Spring Cleaning

It’s that time. Lately, I have been spring cleaning my bedroom. Cleaning out drawers, donating clothes I no longer wear, throwing stuff away, and putting things in my storage unit. While spring cleaning I have been organizing my room, organizing my drawers, I put a new entertainment center in my room, and I hav been pretty much living in IKEA lately.

I have also been cleaning out my storage unit. Throwing things away, donating things, and keeping things, as well as reorganizing the storage unit.

This is all in addition to having a full school schedule. My son’s school schedule changed this week because he has SAT testing.

During this Spring Cleaning I polished up my resume and cover letter. I have been working hard to find a job as a legal secretary/legal assistant. Starting a new career is tough, but I know it’s going to be worth it in the end.

Spring Cleaning for me is not just about my house. Spring Cleaning also refers to my life including removing people who have become toxic, getting rid of all the negativity from previous year(s), organizing my life to fit not only old but new goals, and creating a new two (2) year plan.

Do you spring clean? Comment below. I love to hear all spring cleaning, and organizing ideas.

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