Cora Cup

I have been wanting to try the menstrual cup for a while now. I was always scared to because when looking at brands, they always looked way too big and would hurt going in. I have been using Cora tampons and pads, so when I saw the Cora Cup, I immediately purchased it. Cora products are designed by women, for women. They are made in the U.S.A. and with every purchase of Cora products, Cora provides pads and health education to a girl in need. Please visit Cora to learn more about their cause.

Keep in mind that when using a menstrual cup that you will see your period. You will see all the blood, tissue, etc. That is something to consider when choosing to use a menstrual cup, if you want to see your period.

I tried it out during this months menstrual cycle (I purchased size 2). It was easy to insert, and the cup automatically made a seal. I still wore a light, thin pad just in case of leaks. For the first two days, no leaks. I was amazed at how easy this was to use. It is extremely comfortable and I forgot I was using it. I did feel my period which reminded me of the cup, and again, I was scared of leaks. No leaks. The trick to using a cup is to figure out if you need it low or high. If you use tampons this should be a breeze, however, it’s not. You will need practice and patience to figure out the best spot to place the Cora Cup. You have to remember that placement is important to get that seal you need.


Removing it was easy. I decided to try it in the shower. There are groves at the bottom of the cup which makes gripping it easy. You grip the bottom, give it a pinch, and gently wiggle. It comes right out and doesn’t spill at all.

The last day of my menstrual cycle (day 3) is always difficult. I did experience some leaking because I always have trouble getting the cup where it needs to be. I should have remembered this because the same holds true when I use a tampon, but never knew why. On my last day I always use a pad.

The second month I used it, it was absolutely perfect. First of all, I found where to perfectly put the cup because I got the perfect seal. That is one thing I was missing the first month I used it. I was wearing it during my graduation. No leaks at all. Keep in mind I was standing for a reception, used the restroom (did not empty my cup, nor mess with it), walking up stairs, constantly sitting, standing, walking up and down stairs during the ceremony, lets not forget about driving to the graduation and driving home. I wore it for a total of nine (9) hours and fifteen (15) minutes. The cup was barely half full when I jumped in the shower and emptied the cup.

I even slept in it with no leaks. Getting that perfect placement with that seal makes all the difference. I didn’t feel the cup at all. I didn’t feel it at any time during my graduation ceremony, I didn’t feel it at all while I was sleeping, I actually forgot that I had it in me. I even got it right when I was sitting on the toilet. This month, it became very natural for me to use the Cora Cup. It was so comfortable, and I am in love with the Cora Cup. This Cora Cup is a game changer for me. I highly recommend the Cora Cup to anyone who is considering trying the menstrual cup.

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