We Run the City 5k

I’ve been wanting to run this race for a couple of years now and I must say that I am glad to finally be running it. I even talked my friend Yolanda into running it. This race is a fundraiser race which fundraising for the Special Olympics.

Race Day

Parking was free which is such a huge bonus for me. It was held at the Long Beach Airport this year (previous years it was held at UCLA), making it convenient for me. I got my packet but noticed we don’t get a shirt they is specific to the team we picked as in previous years. That was a disappointment.

Yolanda and I hung out before meeting up with Carrie and Sam.  I love Yolanda, she is a good person with a beautiful heart. She’s a terrific friend. I love Carrie and Sam. These two are the best. Carrie and Sam have beautiful souls and I love them dearly.


Carrie and Sam ran the 10k while Yolanda and I walked the 5k. I had suffered mild heat exhaustion during the week at work so I just wanted to walk it. Of course, Yolanda, Carrie, and I were Team UCLA. Sam was Team USC. We didn’t hold it against her *wink* but we all did have a ton of fun.

I actually enjoyed the 5k course. It was at the Long Beach Airport which is a new location for this race. Instructions to the parking lot were very easy to follow, parking was free and next to the start line as well packet pickup. The best part about this was….the after race meetup.

We went to The Potholder Cafe for breakfast and bottomless mimosas (only on Saturdays). Damn, the food was fantastic. We were drinking mimosas, laughing, and just having the best damn conversations. Carrie and I introduced Yolanda to Running Lushes we told her all about it and the wonderful people in it. We ended up buying a hat a few weeks later. That put a huge smile on my face.

After everyone left Carrie and I stood in the parking lot talking for almost two (2) hours. This race and having breakfast with my friends filled my heart with so much joy. I didn’t want our breakfast and time together to end. I can’t wait until our next race together.



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