Chronicles from my Couch: How I Handled Being Sidelined…

In late August I was involved in a car accident. While I was stopped at a red light another driver hit me from the rear. I lost consciousness and when I came to my neck was in extreme pain along with a headache. The driver refused to give me her drivers license, she gave me just an insurance card.

I was forced to call in sick from work due to my injuries. I returned to full duty and was not resting. One day while at work a co-worker pointed out things I missed. I did not see three objects, it was as if they weren’t there. It was then I realized my brain was not recognizing items. I went straight to a neurologist who put me on a medical leave of absence for about eight (8) weeks.

I am not cleared for work, I am not cleared for sports, I am not cleared for any training. I am not cleared for anything but to stay home and rest. During this time, I have help with documenting everything as I prepare to sue the insured person. I was suffering from a severe concussion and placed on medication to help heal as well as manage the symptoms. I also had soft tissue damage in my right shoulder and neck.

Also, I was still trying to keep my classes intact and receive high grades. I had difficulty concentrating as well as difficulty retaining new information, all of which affected my quiz scores and studying for midterm exams. I tried to handle everything as best as I could. I began to just focus on my recovery instead of stressing. The more I rested, the more I started to notice signs of healing, slowly. I had not cut down how much I studied, watched TV, etc. Most of the time I was listening to music, laying in bed in the dark.

That’s all I could do; lay in the dark and try to sleep. I hadn’t been sleeping no more than three hours a day. I was constantly having nightmares all night long while I was sleeping.  Everything else was placed on hold.

Story Continues in “Road to Recovery: Concussion Chronicles” which is Coming Soon.

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