Applying to University..

The Journey continues.

Back in October 2019, I applied to three (3) different CSU campuses (Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Dominguez Hills) and I am hoping that I get accepted to the one I really really want to attend. I heard back from that campus first which got me excited. They were letting me know they received my application, and in January I have to do a supplemental application.

A supplemental application is where the campus wants you to list the courses and grades that you got for the fall semester, and they want to know what classes you are taking for the spring semester. This is the final step for those wanting to transfer, and it is also the deciding factor if the campus accepts you as a student or not. Also in the supplemental application they want all and I mean all the classes that transfer from all community colleges, the grades you got in those classes, and the total GPA from those classes only.

Good Bye Old Classes…

I went online to to grab each list of transferable classes from community colleges only. Turns out that quite a few of my classes are no longer transferable. That means I have to retake them, all of them except for two (2) classes. That in a way, got me down but I quickly got happy when I realized that all of those horrible grades will not be used at all. Since I am retaking the general education classes anyways I felt I was ahead of the game.

I made a list of all the classes that are transferable with the letter grade. I was pleased to see how it all came out. Mostly A’s and B’s with one C, and one D. I am jumping up and down for joy right now at these grades. This means that my grades from WLAC (West Los Angeles College) and LACC (Los Angeles City College) will be used for transfer. Most of my classes from the previous community colleges as well as from CSUSB will NOT be used. I am so grateful for that.

While I was filling out my Supplemental Application, the university only wanted transferable classes. Using the list I made previously with the classes and grades I figured out my transferable GPA. My transferable GPA is a 3.41, not the low 2.84 GPA I thought I was going to have. A 3.41 GPA I can’t believe it; I cannot believe it.  This means I might finally put from under the embarrassing low GPA, out from under the reminders of the nightmares I went through. Starting it all over again, and doing it my way.

All I can do now is wait and pray that I did it all right, I am worried about that transfer GPA and if I figured it all out correctly. I did it five (5) times but I am horrible at math and doubt myself. I will hear back in March; I will be posting about if I got accepted, to which campus or campuses I got accepted to, and/or if I did not get accepted. The suspense is killing me right now.

Journey Continues in “As One Chapter Ends, A New Chapter Begins”

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