Birthday Weekend 2020 & Rise of the Resistance

I was so happy to celebrate my birthday this weekend. I haven’t celebrated my birthday since I was 15 years old.

Day One: January 10th

First I got to celebrate it early with my dad. I took him to my cast preview of Rise of the Resistance. We had to go to Tomorrowland to get our boarding group. While I was doing that he bought me my Millennium Flacon popcorn bucket. Totally awesome, and he even let me wear my birthday eats

While waiting for our boarding group we hit a lot of attractions. We hit Smugglers Run, Star Tours, Haunted Mansion, then our boarding group was called and we went straight to Rise.

After Rise we walked onto Pirates of the Caribbean, and we did some pin trading before heading home.

January 13th

Happy birthday to me! I am with my friends Laura and Yolanda. Yolanda met me here with her son David, I went with Laura to her cast preview of Rise of the Resistance. Even though she’s not a Star Wars fan, she said she really enjoyed Rise.

This is my personal opinion and it does not reflect in any way of the Walt Disney Company nor do I speak on behalf of the Walt Disney Company. 

Cast Member Preview: Rise of the Resistance at the Disneyland Resort

I am grateful and blessed to be a cast member. I am grateful and blessed to work for The Walt Disney Company. Before I jump into the review of this new attraction I’d first like to The Walt Disney Company for giving all of the cast members this opportunity. Now its time to head straight to this new attraction.

The Imagineers really out did themselves with this attraction. It is one of my favorites. img_3068This attraction is fully immersive, you feel like you are really there. You see, you feel, and you hear everything. This attraction is focused on you, you are a prisoner of the First Order. You are on a Star Destroyer trying to escape off the ship. The Star Destroyer is incredible and impressive.

You do not need to be a Star Wars fan or even know anything about Star Wars to enjoy this attraction. I know a few cast members who knew very little about Star Wars who honestly enjoyed this attraction, they were commenting on how fantastic and impressive it is. They had fun on it, they where cheering and clapping after it was over.

This attraction is the best attraction in the park. I highly recommend that you experience this attraction. You can get a little sneak peek of this attraction, just click for Rise of the Resistance.


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