Journey Back to Fit: January

As you know I am getting back to being fit again after a knee injury, two (2) wrist injuries I sustained at work. After recovering from my concussion, I am still healing from soft tissue damage done to my shoulder (whiplash). I can only do light weights for my upper body due to my shoulder. I have been working out at the gym occasionally because the closest gym is roughly twenty (20) miles from my home, so most of my workouts are done at home with resistance bands.

First things first though is that I have to back on track with eating clean. It’s not a diet, its eating clean, healthy eating habits. I have been taking baby steps to ensure that. First, I have been eating salads for lunch and dinner. Next I started to add in breakfast which consisted of almonds and peanut butter. After a few days it was easy to go back to my morning oatmeal (over night oats) which I would drink on my way to work along with my Flat Tummy Tea. When I arrive at work I would drink my Superfoods with Rejuvix Joint, For my first snack I would have my Nuun Vitamins. Lunch started to become lean chicken with rice (sometimes with a flour tortilla). I’d have a protein shake for a snack which consists of two scoops of protein, two scoops of collagen protein, and half of a scoop of glutacor. For dinner I will have a salad. Yes, it is important to get the diet at 100% because if you’re eating horrible (fast food, sodas, processed foods, etc.) the workouts won’t help you. You cannot out run a bad eating habits.

It took my a little while to work my way up to this point which is a great improvement. I am still working on taking two (2) protein shakes daily. So far, with just cleaning up my eating I have gained 1 pound in muscle, dropped 1% body fat, and dropped 2.2 pounds.

I’m being totally honest with you here. I am so bored with the gym over the past couple of years. Its to the point where I don’t even want to go. I lost my motivation too even for running. I’ve just been in this limbo. I decided to act on my instincts and I went straight to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). I train at a facility that is very close to my work and home (closer than the gym). BJJ gives me the conditioning I need as well as the strength training I’ve desperately needed which is how to use my strength and muscles. That is something I cannot get just by lifting weights. I also really need to sharpen my hand to hand self-defense as well. In my job that is extremely important.

I’ve never taken BJJ before I’ve mainly done karate classes with my dad when he was in the Marine Corps and we learned on base from Marines. I hadn’t put on a GI since I was seventeen (17) years old. It felt good to put one on again. The instructors, the environment, the school, I felt very comfortable and safe there. It didn’t take long for me to agree to a free class. I had a free class that Wednesday night so I could try it out. I signed up for a monthly membership before I took the class.

I’m glad I did because I was so exhausted after class to the point I didn’t eat dinner that night. I was sore the next day and starving. That Friday, I was more sore than I was the day before. My entire body hurt and I was still super exhausted. I never, never felt like this after the gym. I also had to get weighed-in for the Nutrishop Challenge. I gained muscle and dropped body fat after one BJJ class. That Sunday (01/19/2020) I ran the Pasadena Half Marathon, and I was still extremely sore from BJJ. It hurt, but I pushed through and ran it (with the help of a new friend I met in the corrals). I did finish, and I was proud of this finish. I had never ran this sore in my life.

The following Wednesday I went back to BJJ class after recovering from the Pasadena Half Marathon. I still love practicing BJJ and I feel better after each practice. Honestly, I am extremely exhausted all week long, and sore. I know I’ll get use to it but in the mean time I have to push through. I have been going out on runs before BJJ to help keep the body moving, and even a quick nap before class.

The key now is to balance all this with work, school, and a teenage son.

Baby steps lead to bigger accomplishments. This month, it is all about cleaning up my eating habits, which I have been very successful doing. I also started taking Jiu-Jitsu classes. I am working on getting a running schedule as well.

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