My Pro Compression Collection

img_7306During this “Safer at Home” that we are all enduring it has definitely left us with a lot of time on our hands. It was certainly has left me time to get ahead on my classes (good thing about them being virtual), workout more often, run a lot more, and even get some Spring Cleaning done.

I have drawers that hold my supplements, race gear, extra blankets, etc. While I was cleaning out and organizing the race gear drawer I saw a ton of my Pro Compression socks just tossed into the basket. Its not too surprising if you know me, and knew my daily schedule before the entire world shut down. I had decided to put all my compression socks onto the bed to keep them organized in their own pile. While I was folding them and putting them back into their baskets I started to really see just how many pairs I have….51 pairs, roughly. That is a lot. There are some I’ve worn constantly, other’s I’ve never worn. I will break down my list of what I have but first I want to share some of the socks in my collection that are special to me.

This is the very first sock that I purchased from Pro Compression. This “Tropical Vibes” sock (which I call my happy Hawaiian Socks) was the sock of the month for September 2018. When I saw it I had to have it. It had hibiscus flowers all over it and I love the colors. A lot of people who follow me on IG said that these socks are totally me and they are right. I wear these at least once a week, as you can see I have 3 pairs but I’ve only worn one pair. The other two have not been worn yet.

I am so glad that Pro Compression came out with socks to honor our first responders. I had to have the Thin Blue Line socks. These are my another one of my absolute favorite for a lot of personal reasons. I cannot wait to wear these Thin Blue Line at the Run to Remember Los Angeles in September. Thank you Pro Compression for coming out with the Thin Blue Line (for Police) and the Thin Red Line (for Fire Fighters).

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love everything about Christmas; the atmosphere, Christmas trees, Christmas music, and most importantly, all the Christmas lights. Christmas is the happiest time of the year for me and I can never get enough of it. I love these socks and wear them constantly during Christmas time.

Beautiful May Flowers are the perfect socks for the month of May. The blue ones are from 2019, the mint and white ones are from this year. These socks are very cute, cheerful, pretty and are perfect for Mother’s Day.

On to the final three sets of socks (pictured below). Mint dots and unicorn are another way to describe me perfectly. I love bright colors, mint is one of those colors I love. Combine mint with poke-a-dots and you can’t go wrong. I love unicorns so why not have these beautiful unicorn socks. These unicorn socks are bright colored, and are mystifying.

My grandpa, who passed away recently, lived in Texas and when my Dad was deployed (hence the Camo socks) he stepped in for him. I was very close to my grandpa and I’m very close to my dad. So the Texas Lone Star socks and the Camo socks are perfect.

Last but not least, who doesn’t love Harry Potter? I feel in love with the books. I had to have this set. I am praying that when this COVID-19 is over that Running Universal Hollywood will do a Harry Potter themed runs so I can dress like a Hogwarts student. These socks representing the four different houses and the Harry Potter lightening bolt and glasses will be perfect for any Harry Potter fan.

I ordered more socks while I was writing this (Pro Compression was having a sale) and since I am two months ahead on all my bills, I decided to treat myself for Mother’s Day. Here is my collection so far, and it is growing. I even ordered some running shirts from Raw Threads in order to start getting some cute running outfits together. I hear runs are more fun when you’re dressed up in cute outfits 🙂

My Pro Compression Collection (In order of the first pic and even those not shown)

  1. Tropical Vibes x 3
  2. Pineapple x 1
  3. Thin Blue Line x 5
  4. Thin Red Line x 2
  5. Stars & Stripes x 1
  6. Harry Potter Set (5 socks in the set)
  7. Green Camouflage
  8. Ugly Sweater Christmas (Red & Green) x 2
  9. Ugly Sweater Christmas (Blue & White)
  10. San Diego
  11. Black & White California
  12. Maryland x 1
  13. Heather Grey Swirl (Jan 2019 Sock of the Month)
  14. Mint Dots
  15. Multi-Color Unicorn
  16. Cotton Candy (?)
  17. Valentine’s Day 2018
  18. Valentines Day 2019
  19. Canada
  20. Elite Mint Marathon Sock
  21. Multicolor Stripe (Kimmy Gibbler) Sock
  22. Blue Vertex
  23. Mother’s Day (May Flowers) 2019 x 2
  24. Daisies (May Flowers) 2020
  25. Sherbet
  26. Boston Dots (Boston Marathon 2019)
  27. California Vintage
  28. Texas Star
  29. New York Classic
  30. Chicago Stripe
  31. Florida Skies
  32. Arizona
  33. Utah Sunset
  34. Red & White Stripe
  35. Green & White Stripe
  36. Neon Pink & Black Stripe
  37. Red & Black Stripe

I highly recommend picking up a pair, or several pairs, of these compression socks from Pro Compression. They are super cute, super comfortable (I can run an entire marathon pain free), and excellent for long runs as well as recovery. Head on over to Pro and check out all their wonderful designs.

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