As One Chapter Ends, A New Chapter Begins


CE 2nd Floor View

The first day of the Spring 2020 semester I stepped foot on the campus of West Los Angeles College (WLAC). While I was slowly walking to my class I thought about how I will never see the sunset on this campus after this semester. How I will never see the view from the second floor of the CE building; the view of Culver City and Century City. I then began to think about the first time I stepped foot on this campus. The first steps toward a life I always dreamed of. The first steps to rebuilding my life. Then I thought about how I scared I was when I started at Los Angeles City College. Taking one class a semester, then I found the Paralegal Program at WLAC. The professors there changed my life, pointing me the direction I was headed toward, giving me more confidence in myself.

I started to cry as I looked at Culver City and Century City. This is it. The Spring 2020 semester has started, and it will be my last here. I knew this day would come, but nothing prepared me for how I’d fell. I felt sad, grateful, and proud. As I look back on everything I accomplished while I was here I can’t help but feel proud. The grade’s I received were mostly A’s with few B’s, I was on the Dean’s Honor List for six (6) consecutive semesters (including Spring 2020), I was also received the President’s Honor Award for four (4) consecutive semesters (including Spring 2020). I received my certification as a Fingerprint Identification Expert from Los Angeles City College, two (2) Associate of Arts Degree’s from WLAC; one in Paralegal, the other in Administration of Justice. I had the graduation of my dreams, walking with summa cum laude cords, and walking with friends I formed a good bond with.

My last semester was one of my hardest, but I had made three (3) friends last semester in my sociology class. Two (2) of those friends were in my math class, statistics. While I was sitting in my math class I thought about how fortunate I am to have the best teachers while I was at WLAC. Yes, I was getting sentimental, emotional, but how can I not?

In Statistics Class – February/March 2020

It took me two weeks to adjust to being on campus four (4) days a week as in use to being on campus only twice (2) a week. Two (2) days I was in class in the mornings which was new to me. I’m use to going in the evenings. Another class was in the evenings twice (2) a week. It was rough but by the third (3rd) week of the semester I felt I had it down.

I had to stay completely organized, more organized than I had been previously. I had to make weekly lists of what was due that week and what was due the next week so I could get a head in some classes. I also found myself in a Denny’s in the early morning hours before class working on homework and studying.

The motto at WLAC is “Go West. Go Far.” I truly went far there is no doubt about that.

I was also scared of the unknown. Not only am I moving on to completing my first Bachelor’s Degree but I am doing it at the university I always dreamed of attending. I had some negative thoughts about my ability but I quickly realize that it is not negativity, its nothing but being scared. My dreams so far have come true through hard work, sacrificing, and determination. I’m so scared it’s all going to disappear or I’m going to hit a road block.


This was the last thing I needed. Campus is closed, and now all of my classes are online. Losing three weeks of instruction sucked. I worked my ass off since our Spring Break was moved up to March to get ahead in my classes. I never, never thought in my lifetime that I would have experienced a pandemic let alone have my life turned upside down and into a new kind of normal.

I worked hard all day on all my classes. I was determined to finish this semester strong. There was only seven weeks left, the finish line was within site. I had my bad days trying to get work done for classes while being stuck inside my house. It was difficult, and there were days where I just didn’t do any work. I was weeks ahead in the majority of my classes so that was good.

My right arm was having major muscle spasms from over using it. I was pulling all nights, all I was doing was school work, taking notes and always on my laptop. It was literally insane. I was in so much pain that every time I tried to write, or use my laptop a sharp pain shot down my arm.

This is Not Good-bye. See You Soon West Los Angeles College…

I finished my final semester at WLAC with straight As, making it on the Dean’s Honor List for the sixth (6th) consecutive semester as well as the President’s Honors Award for the fourth (4th) consecutive semester. Accomplished twenty-three (23) “A”‘s, seven (7) “B”‘s and only one (1) “C”; leaving WLAC with a cumulative GPA of 3.71. All of my transfer classes are done, and I am ready to begin a new journey, a new chapter in my life.

Continues in “It Was All a Dream…” – COMING SOON! 

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