Back on Lockdown

Governor Newsome announced today; Monday, July 13, 2020 that California is now back on lockdown. We are back to quarantine. As the state started to slowly open up gyms, a few restaurants (outdoor dining only), and indoor malls people thought it was all over. No one was wearing a mask, no one was keeping their distance, everyone was going to “COVID Parties”, and even though the beaches were closed people ran out to the beach to hang out. People were laying out on the beach, staying for hours with no mask and not keeping their distance.

It is frustrating how people are not taking this COVID-19 seriously. There are a lot of people here who truly think it is a joke, its a hoax, the government is lying about this Coronavirus and it doesn’t exist. This angers me because we will never get back to what was our normal if people do not take COVID-19 seriously. Folks, we are in no way under Marshal Law, this is not a form of control from our government.

People who do not do what is required of them which is staying at home, wearing a mask when you have to go out, and keeping your distance from others. Now, quarantine is our new normal. My first semester at Cal State Long Beach will be online. It makes me very sad that I will not be able to step foot on the campus I always dreamed of attending. It also makes me sad to think that I will be finishing up school online with no graduation ceremony.

All I can do now is focus on the positive. I have lost a ton of the weight I gained while I was harassed and depressed at my previous employer (before Disney). I will continue running and sticking to my training plan, and home workouts on the TRX straps are now a norm for me. We are all in this together. Let’s stay home unless we have to go out for groceries and other necessities, let’s wear a mask when we are out in public and I mean properly wear your mask (over your mouth and nose), and keep your distance from other people. We all have families at home. Do not give anyone COVID for them to bring home to their loved one. That is selfish, inconsiderate, and despicable. Be respectful to everyone and together, we can do this.

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