“It Was All a Dream….”

A little bit of background as to why I chose this particular university. One day, I took the bus down to a university which was the meeting spot for me to pick up an item that I had purchased on eBay. I went on my own walking tour on my way to meet the buyer who had picked a particular spot on the campus. I was in complete awe of its beauty. It was my one of my first times in this city, I didn’t know it where but I knew I wanted to live here. This is the day that I picked the university I wanted to attend.  I was a senior in high school.

The Disneyland boyfriend told me that I wasn’t good enough nor smart enough to into this university. Yet, he could hardly into the university he wanted. Then the drug addicted ex-husband didn’t want me going here because I’d fail. Which, I couldn’t go anyways because I barely graduated with my first associates degree back in 2007 not to mention my GPA was horrible because of him. Back then it was only a dream.

Going Through the Acceptance Transfer Process

After I got the “conditional” offer of acceptance there are three steps you have to do. Keep in mind I am a transfer student from community college so these steps are specific to that. The first step is that you have to fill out a Supplemental Application. The Supplemental Application is all about your transfer classes, grades, and transfer GPA. The second step is to pay the $150 intent to enroll fee which you pay after you accept their “conditional” offer of acceptance. If you receive financial aid at your community college the fee is waived.

After this I was receiving emails about setting up MyCSULB. Then I needed to submit my immunization records to the college.

Lastly, I received an email asking me for my Spring schedule at WLAC. I had 48 hours to email it to them. I emailed it right away.

I’m not going to lie. The stress began to pile on hard when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. All my classes took 3 weeks off to prepare for virtual learning. I wasn’t working but I was lucky that my company still paid me for one month after closure (I was furloughed by the company and received unemployment benefits).

CSULB-rankingThe Email That Changed My Life

On February 14, 2020 I received an email that changed my life. The subject was “Admission Decision”. I was so nervous and excited to read this email. When I opened it up it started off by saying “Congratulations” and I couldn’t believe it. As I read on I read “It is my privilege to extend to you an invitation to become part of the California State University, Long Beach community for the Fall 2020 semester.” I had been accepted by the university I have always wanted to go to, even dreamed of going to.

The next few weeks felt like a dream. I was still in disbelief and shock. I did it. I got accepted. I got into one of the hardest CSU campuses to get into. The acceptance rate is 43%. This means that for every one hundred (100) students who applied, forty-three (43) were admitted. The admissions process is competitive. This campus is an impacted campus because it receives more applications than can be accommodated.

I talked to my fellow cast members at work and discovered that a few also applied to CSU Long Beach and were denied. I was shocked. When I told them I was accepted they were shocked.

I am very, very proud of myself. I worked so hard and so far, I accomplished my dreams.

A few weeks later I received my financial aid information. This I was nervous about. When I looked, I received enough grant money and federal work study money to pay for my tuition and books for my first year! NO student loans, and NO expenses that I would have to pay for out of pocket.  I was so excited. I accepted all of my grants and federal work study. CSULB is paid for in full and I will graduate debt free!

Welcome to “The Beach”

I did it! I did it! I passed the Spring 2020 semester with straight A’s. I’m now officially a student at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)! I am so excited, and proud to be a student at CSULB. I’m beyond excited to be attendingimg_9462 here. Cal State Long Beach goes by many names, CSULB, CSU Long Beach, Cal State Long Beach, and Long Beach State. This campus is absolutely beautiful and I feel in love with it the second I stepped foot on it when I was in high school. This is the university I always wanted to go to. I dreamed of coming here and graduating from here.

I chose Long Beach State for several reasons:  1) the University is ranked one of the highest in the entire CSU system, 2) their sociology program is one of the best, 3) They have a Pre-law information as well as assistance for CSULB students as well as for alumni, and 4) its Long Beach and I do love Long Beach as much as I love Orange County. I lived in Long Beach for two (2) years prior to me moving to Orange County.

I feel right at home here; the faculty and all the staff on campus is awesome. I even got to meet some of the students in my major. I am trying not to put a time frame on finishing my degree. I am working for the Walt Disney Company and I do not want to take more classes than I handle. I decided my first year will be part time, two (2) or three (3) classes to start, so I can get a feel of classes at CSULB, schedule, work, going to the gym, training runs and hikes, plus my son’s school schedule. I need to find that perfect balance; success is extremely important to me. I want to start slowly like I did at WLAC, which insured my success. I also  want to continue earning A’s and few B’s just like I did at WLAC, including Dean’s Honor List, and Presidents Honors. Who knows, I might be able to also graduate with honors. The sky is now the limit.


I still cannot believe that I am an actual student here. Even though my horrible GPA from my past, a reminder of my violent past relationship and marriage, followed me to CSULB. It took a lot of strength as well as a lot of thinking. I thought about what a classmate told me. She told me that I’ve “carried it on my shoulders in a backpack for too long. It’s time to take the backpack off, drop it on the ground, and walk away.”

I thought about it. I’m here. I’m at CSULB. I said I was going to do it and I did it. So, I took


It’s official. I picked up my student ID

the backpack off my shoulders, I threw it out to the ocean and watched the waves carry it out to the darkest depths never to return. From that moment on. I focused on my CSULB GPA and my GPA in my Sociology courses. As far as I’m concerned, those two GPA are all that matter now. My cumulative GPA no longer matters because I know it will never be where I want it to be.



I look forward to starting in the Fall 2020. I’m proud to be accepted and now a student at CSULB. Thank you for accepting me to the California State University, Long Beach community. Go Beach!


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