The Last & Only Business Card You’ll Ever Need

Now that I am a student at CSU Long Beach and I have an Associate’s in paralegal I realized that I am in need of business cards. While on my search I came across the ultimate business card.

Let me introduce you to Tappy, the worlds first smart business card. Anyone can get one. Tappy is a smart card that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) and/or a QR Code, with a single tap or scan with any smart phone you can share a page that contains any of your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Venmo, etc), your website, and other contact information.

This single card saves you time, it saves you money of buying business cards, it also eliminates waste of old business cards, and it saves you from carrying around roughly 20 business cards.

Here’s How It Works

First, head on over to their website and create your own Tappy Card. You can customize it with either your name, your company’s name, etc. In 5 days it ships to you. You can choose either the original white card, or the super sleek black card (I have one of each) with your customization (your name, business, or whatever you want to put on it), a QR Code, and the Tappy logo. In with the card is instructions on how to set it up.

You will go to a website they give you in the instructions which takes you to setup your account. Once you set up your account you can set up your information; your name, bio, picture, links, email, website. It’s incredibly quick and easy. Once you’ve done that and saved the changes your Tappy Card is ready to go.

The card is linked to the profile (page) you just set up so if someone taps their NFC phone or scans the QR Code, they’ll be promoted to click on a “notification” which will display all your links, email, website, name and bio.

Why Get a Tappy Card?

I didn’t want to order the 250 cards for $9.99 because as a college student I am always looking for internships to get my career going. This also means moving positions constantly as well. This also meant re-ordering business cards to reflect changes so I wasn’t giving out business cards that were outdated. I felt it would be such a waste.

Tappy will allow me to keep my job title up to date, share my personal website and keep my contact information all up to date with ease.

I also have a Tappy specifically for Happy Hawaiian Runner which links my Instagram, Facebook Page, and this website. I love keeping one for Happy Hawaiian Runner which allows me to network with other runners and people without giving out my personal information.

My Thoughts on Tappy Card

I absolutely love Tappy. If my contact info changes, if my job title changes I do not have to order new business cards. This eliminates the waste of throwing away old business cards which is also a waste of money. I can update my info quickly and painlessly. I no longer have to hand out business cards, Tappy is touch-less making it perfect to keep my distance from people, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic we are in.

When I first got it, I couldn’t stop tapping it to my phone and using the camera feature to scan the QR code on my mom’s phone. I was testing it, redoing the profile, and making sure all the links worked. I will be doing my first full YouTube Video on this wonderful Tappy Card soon.

This is one of the best things I’ve invested in. Money well spent and I am so happy I bought two. I am sure that Tappy will be adding new features to their card as they grow. Tappy has so much potential, I can’t wait to see what Tappy does next.

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