This year, for a third year in a row, I am very honored to not only be part of Team SRLA, but I am also very happy to be part of the SRLA family.

What is SRLA?

  • SRLA stands for Students Run LA, and “for 27 years, Students Run LA (SRLA) has offered a free marathon-training program, mentoring at-risk youth in Greater Los Angeles. More than 3,200 middle and high school students train alongside 500 volunteer teachers for the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. While running is the core of the program, students learn how to set goals, gain confidence, and develop life-long healthy habits. With most students coming from low-income families, SRLA’s program is FREE. Students receive training shirts, entry fees, transportation, and more from SRLA. The generous support of private donors, including foundations, corporations, and individuals, makes SRLA’s program possible.” (SRLA, website)

What does the money get used for?

  • I’m glad you asked. Below is a chart from SRLA that shows you what the money you donate is used for.


In 2016 I raised $115 dollars, and last year I managed to raise $130.08. This year, I hope to at least double that amount. This is an organization that I support one hundred percent, I was a struggling in high school to find something to keep in involved. It was extremely difficult, and I know that by my efforts to fundraise for these students, that these students grow. These students are our future, lets help get them to the start line. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it is appreciated. You can donate here (Campaign Coming Soon!).